Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Well, I made my magnets.....they turned out awesome, if i do say so myself! I got all of my ideas from Etsy.com....and I honestly intend to make a ton more, when I'm not jobless ;) I love all of the ideas I found on there. Obviously, I was limited on money, but like I said, I intend to make more. Brad probably thinks I'm crazy but let me explain.

One of the few memories I have from my grandma's house (other than her special kitchen drawer full of gum & card games, her always full bowl of candy on the kitchen table, her knick knacks all over the house and her jigsaw puzzles) was her fridge full of magnets. When we went to my grandma's house we always, always ended up playing card games with each other and I always LOVED her magnets she had on her fridge. I really don't remember most of them, if any, really. I just remember being enthrawled, as a kid, that there were so many! And I played with them all the time. It's something I want to have in my kitchen for our kids. So, that is why I've been magnet crazy. Plus, I'm jobless and it gives me something to do. lol. So, here are some of my favorite magnets from Etsy. Some of which I took & made my own, others will be made in the future. After the links, I have pictures of my magnets. The pictures didn't turn out as clear as I would like them but that's due to the gems being shiny & small, that it's hard for the camera to focus. Anyways, enjoy! :)

PS-If you click on the pictures I added, it enlarges them & you can see the design in the gems a little better :0)








Liz said...

Very cute, Aimee!! :) Those would make great little additions to gifts too -- like an embellishment on the package :)

Charity said...

So fun, Aimee :)

The Hobens said...

Aimee, I like, like,like the magnets!! WOW they really turned out great!!! so fun too!