Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Overdue update

Well, over a year without a word....that's gotta be a record, right?! To sum it up, Brad is working at Loras College in the IT department. IBM didn't work out, which we are okay with, now ;) He absolutely loves Loras. I was working at a coffee shop called Jitterz but recently quit, due to numerous reasons. Right now, I'm jobless, but such is life. I kinda brought it upon myself, quitting before lining up another job, haha! Pier 1 is coming back to town & I'm hoping to get a job there. It would be the same atmosphere as Starbucks, which I miss terribly, the hours would work really well for Brad & I needing time off and lastly, it would work great for any future Meyer babies coming into the picture (maternity leave, reducing hours, etc). Which, is not right now, in case your wondering :) Also, we got the apartment next to Ethan & Amy Young, Anna Soderman & Sam Carl. It's been a blessing, except for the heating bill sucking us dry money-wise. That's okay though because it's a lot cheaper in the summer!! Anyways, I'd write more but I gotta get ready to host small groups. Coffee & chocolate chip banana bread on the way!!!!!! Peace out.

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