Thursday, November 4, 2010

Only for Lizzie

Liz Roemer tagged me in her blog to answer some questions......only for you Lizzie!!!

1. What is one of your fondest childhood memories?
This is a really good question. I have lots of favorites. One of them is the day after Thanksgiving, everyone in our family would help put up the enormous amounts of Christmas decorations that we had, while listening to (my favorite tape) Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas. It was one of the few bonding things we did as a family and it was always fun.

2. What do you love most about your spouse/significant other?
This is a hard one because it's hard to narrow down. Actually, lately, I've been really encouraged just thinking about Brad and all the things he does as a husband to encourage me. I'll name my top 2: he's always encouraging me in my walk with the Lord (which I strongly need) and he's very good at telling me how much he loves me and how beautiful I am. I think I appreciate these things so much because they are the things I struggle with. Especially the "I love yous." My family just wasn't big on verbal communication, so that part is always hard for me.....but I'm trying cause I OBVIOUSLY love my husband ;)

3. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Still in Dubuque, with our family (I would love 4 kids but we'll see). Hopefully with student loans paid off, in a house, still attending Great Adventure, being a stay at home mommy :)

4. What is your favorite book?
Oh man. To be honest, I never grew up reading, it's something I've picked up in recent years. But there are so many classics that friends tell me about that I'm dying to read. Anyways, I love Harry Potter. I also love anything Francine Rivers. I'm not very good at just picking one, am I?! lol.

5. Who is someone you look up to, and why?
I really look up to Brad's father. He is fun, loving and always puts the Lord first. I really, really love that you see that evident daily in his life. And I love that Brad is like that too. It makes me excited for his role as a future father :)

6. If you had unlimited funds and could plan a dream vacation, where would you go & what would you do?
Oh my. I love the thought of Australia but so many freaky animals/insects/snakes/spiders FREAK me Greece sounds safe. lol. I saw clips in a movie once and thought it looked beautiful. I don't think we'd do anything. Rent a little cottage with a fireplace, stay inside most of the time. If it was a cottage by the lake, we'd totally go swimming or just sit out there together soaking in the beauty. This makes me really want a vacation. I'd love to go to any of the surrounding towns and see what daily life was like for everyone...get a glimpse of the culture :)

7. What character traits do you have that are most like your mother? What ones are like your father?
Haha. Mom: I'm a clean freak like her, very on top of house duties/bills/errands. I'm a letter writer, which is how I get across what I'm feeling or how I've been hurt. I can be a major homebody.

Dad: Laid back, calm, need my space when angry about something, which is bad cause that usually means I need to go chill somewhere for awhile. Then, if I have to verbalize what I'm feeling it takes me FOREVER. lol. I think I get my weirdness from my dad (he does have a crazy side).

8. What has been the biggest challenge you've faced this year?
Stepping into mommyhood before I was "ready." Don't get me wrong, I mean, I wanted a baby!!!!! I bugged Brad all the time (hehe) but it's different when it actually happens. You're like, "oh wait, this is for real! No backing out now!" lol.
I am SO excited to be a mom but there are so many things you have to think about/prepare for and I'm petrified I'm going to screw it up. I didn't grow up in a believing home, so my fear as a mom is that I'm not gonna do it right. I'm trying to prepare and practice now with the little kiddos at our church but I don't think anything can fully prepare you for one of the biggest change/challenge of your life!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My not so secret love

Most people already know my dirty little secret......

but in case you don't.....

I really, really love............

That's right. Hanson. I've been a fan since the Mmmbop days. And I have to say 5 albums later, they're still amazing. Anna Soderman totally agrees and she's awesome, so in turn that makes me awesome. Or something.

For the record, I have good taste in music! That sounded snobby. Some of my favs are: A Fine Frenzy, Ingrid Michaelson, Regina Spektor, She & Him, Jimmy Eat World, Ray Lamontagne, Muse, Coldplay, Guster, David Gray, etc. I can list more but I think you get the point.

If you haven't listened to Hanson since 1997, look em up. You can listen to their new album on myspace for free. I recommend listening to: Give a little, And I waited and Use me up.

Also, I can't wait for August because this is the first year in probably 15 years that they've done a summer tour and I don't have to freeze my butt off waiting in line to see them!

Enough about Hanson.

Other exciting things in my of my best friend's (Deidre Cullen) has her baby shower June 25th. Not only that but I get to see Corrie Anne McMillin for the first time in, I don't even know how long! It'll be a good weekend. I get to meet her bf finally. I get to see my sister all cute & preggers. Who, for the record, is pregnant with a BOY! Woohoo! After 3 girls, I think a boy is well deserved ;)

And........corncakes! You'll understand that comment if you watch this video.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pier 1

So....I got a job at Pier 1. Brad's not so sure it's a good thing. I have a TON of things I already plan on buying. Thanks to Biolife Plasma, I will have them soon enough! So far, the job is going great! I love the work, the atmosphere, the hours & the people. Plus, I love the merchandise, so it's easier for me to sell :) Here are some of the things I plan on buying....have fun looking!

I will be putting this pillow on our papasan chair, which has a honey yellow cushion. I haven't decided if the pillow behind this one will be gold or brown. What are you're thoughts?

I'm not a huge fan of china, or at least I wasn't when I got married BUT I do want to own a decorative dish set for nicer dinners. Our dining room colors are navy blue & gray. So, I want a neutral dish set. Anyways, here are the placemats, napkin rings and napkins to go with it. I haven't decided if the napkin will be brown or a blue. I would love gray, since I have navy blue placemats but they don't have any......I might have to shop somewhere else!

And last but not least, this BEAUTIFUL Kiona trunk WILL be in my house. We have TONS of blankets (because I'm always cold) and this beast will not only be gorgeous in my house but it will hold the overflow of blankets we have! Love it.

Anyways, that's all for now. Let me know if you have any ideas for mix matching things up! :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Well, I made my magnets.....they turned out awesome, if i do say so myself! I got all of my ideas from I honestly intend to make a ton more, when I'm not jobless ;) I love all of the ideas I found on there. Obviously, I was limited on money, but like I said, I intend to make more. Brad probably thinks I'm crazy but let me explain.

One of the few memories I have from my grandma's house (other than her special kitchen drawer full of gum & card games, her always full bowl of candy on the kitchen table, her knick knacks all over the house and her jigsaw puzzles) was her fridge full of magnets. When we went to my grandma's house we always, always ended up playing card games with each other and I always LOVED her magnets she had on her fridge. I really don't remember most of them, if any, really. I just remember being enthrawled, as a kid, that there were so many! And I played with them all the time. It's something I want to have in my kitchen for our kids. So, that is why I've been magnet crazy. Plus, I'm jobless and it gives me something to do. lol. So, here are some of my favorite magnets from Etsy. Some of which I took & made my own, others will be made in the future. After the links, I have pictures of my magnets. The pictures didn't turn out as clear as I would like them but that's due to the gems being shiny & small, that it's hard for the camera to focus. Anyways, enjoy! :)

PS-If you click on the pictures I added, it enlarges them & you can see the design in the gems a little better :0)[]=tags&includes[]=title

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Last night, due to my recent "insomnia," I hit up Etsy. Bad idea. I whined inwardly as I looked at all of the things I COULDN'T own. Someday, though, someday I would like to own things from some of these people:

Raceytay-I really like her pictures. If I ever have a sunroom, library or maybe even a nursery in my future home, I will be buying numerous pictures from her to create a calm, serene, cozy little place to drink coffee & snuggle with a book. Yes, if my future home does not have a place for a sunroom or library, I will happily sneak away to my (Lord willing, future) baby's room....

I also recently discovered LunasaDesigns. I LOVE her jewerly but will probably never be able to afford most of the things I like....

Last, but not least, is Cocoricooo. My, oh my, did I want to shop after seeing these pieces. I've said for a long time, if I could own a closet full of tunics & fitted flannel shirts, I would be a VERY happy girl. Cocoricooo has awesome tunic pieces and I want them but again, expensive :(

Hope my boredom intrigued you in some way, shape or form :) Have a great day! I'm off to bake some cookies!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Overdue update

Well, over a year without a word....that's gotta be a record, right?! To sum it up, Brad is working at Loras College in the IT department. IBM didn't work out, which we are okay with, now ;) He absolutely loves Loras. I was working at a coffee shop called Jitterz but recently quit, due to numerous reasons. Right now, I'm jobless, but such is life. I kinda brought it upon myself, quitting before lining up another job, haha! Pier 1 is coming back to town & I'm hoping to get a job there. It would be the same atmosphere as Starbucks, which I miss terribly, the hours would work really well for Brad & I needing time off and lastly, it would work great for any future Meyer babies coming into the picture (maternity leave, reducing hours, etc). Which, is not right now, in case your wondering :) Also, we got the apartment next to Ethan & Amy Young, Anna Soderman & Sam Carl. It's been a blessing, except for the heating bill sucking us dry money-wise. That's okay though because it's a lot cheaper in the summer!! Anyways, I'd write more but I gotta get ready to host small groups. Coffee & chocolate chip banana bread on the way!!!!!! Peace out.