Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So, it's been awhile since I updated on life.

Christmas was great! Brad & I spent were able to spend Christmas day to ourselves, which was really nice. The following day we headed up to MN to see my family for about 5 days. My brother was in town, back from China with his lovely broken leg. I hadn't seen him in a few months. Corrie was in from the DR (Dominican Republic) and Jen flew in from California. I hadn't seen either of them for 6 months or something random like that. So, not going home was out of the question. It turned out great. We had a Wabasha 5 + outcasts reunion :) Amy Hanson came down with her fiance, Corrie, Deidre & Jen, Joe & his wife Liz and Brad and I. The outcasts are obviously the spouses & Jen. Haha. Anyways, we played our old school Wabasha card games that we played when we were teenagers. It was so fun. But, the night ended bittersweet when we said goodbye. I've never been so sad to leave. Mainly cause we hadn't gotten everyone together in so long and we had a blast and NO ONE FOUGHT! For the Wabasha crew that's a feat in and of itself. lol.

Anyways, since then things at Jitterz have REALLY gotten better. I was called in early once or twice & left alone by myself, which for the first time wasn't scary. I've really been feeling at home there, which I'm not gonna lie, I never thought would happen. I thought I was going to quit because I felt like I didn't care about the job and I didn't really have a purpose being there. But that changed. Within these past 2-3 weeks I've really been enjoying the 2 girls I work with and have come out of my shell a bit. I've gotten a lot better on customers names & drinks. I feel very comfortable in mostly everything I do there, which was an obstacle to overcome for a while. :)

Plus, we just found out IBM is coming to Dubuque. Not only are they coming to Dubuque, but they are going to be TWO BLOCKS away from my work! Not only is this going to be great for our business, but Brad & I have been waiting on an apartment that is right behind Jitterz for some months now. Ethan & Amy Young, Anna Soderman & (soon I believe) Micah Young will be living there. Not only would it be close to our jobs, but all of us are leaders at our youth group. Brad & I would be able to walk to work everyday, which would also in turn let us get rid of BOTH cars. We could trade them both in for a much newer model & obviously only have one vehicle. They're both like 10 years they're gonna die soon. What else?! His pay would help us do more for church & we would be able to have people over for meals more/take them out AND PAY FOR ONCE! There is seriously just so much. And I'm trying SO hard not to get my hopes up....but I just think its crazy that within these past two weeks I RANDOMLY started really enjoying my job and then BAM we find out IBM is coming 2 blocks away from where we've been wanting to live. You'd know and understand so much better if you knew how long Bradley has been trying to find a different job to work at. Everything has fallen through for some reason or another. So, this would just be amazing. Please, please pray that this is what God has been making us wait for. And if not, pray that my heart won't be broken too much because, honestly, I'm really looking forward to it.
That's the update on our lives as of right now. Since it's lunch time I should probably do something shower.