Sunday, November 30, 2008

This weekend Brad & I went to MN for a short Thanksgiving break. Typically, things can be a little crazy when most of the family gets together....but this year went amazing! My brother and sister-in-law weren't able to be there, so it was just my two sisters, one husband, 6 kids, my parents, and Brad & I! But it was a ton of fun. When Lisa arrived with her 3 girls on Saturday, Megan walked in happy-go-lucky but Emma, not so much. For some reason, we think its a game to her, but she will pretend to be shy and give dirty looks to Bradley (and me if I'm around him) until she decides to be happy and like us. It's very entertaining. So, that was fun in and of itself. The rest of the day was spent eating and watching the kids play. Everyone got along. Only one kid cried. And I got lots of funny pictures/videos.

The bad news about the weekend is that my dad was sick with a really bad cold before we came up, then gave it to my mom and sister, who were sick while we were there. And one of my nieces and nephews were sick also. I woke up this morning with a sniffly/snuffy nose and a semi-dry throat. I sneezed the entire way home. I told my mom I was sending her the hospital bill and cancelling Christmas if they decided to get sick during our next visit. That's fair, right?!

Hope you had a great Turkey day too!

My dad going down the slide with Emma

Dad climbing into the KIDS playthingy to go down the slide


More sliding...

Brad just attacked Emma here


Lisa playing Mr. Fox with her girls

I think this is's one of the twins. lol.


My sister Kimmy & I



Dylan with his new flying plane

Megan & Anthony with his new Spiderman darts shooting thing

Kimmy's boys

Lisa's girls

Lisa & her girls


Oh, where to start.... said...

They are stinking huge. i miss your family.

The Smittys said...

hi aimee! i am so glad to see you guys have a blog!! fun times.