Thursday, November 20, 2008


Right now I should be starting supper but am feeling a bit lazy, plus I haven't really updated my blog like I said I would :)
Monday evening I went to Davenport with Amy Young to go shopping and meet up with Hannah Lange. I was on a mission for jeans and I'm not sure if Amy had a mission. lol. I'm not sure I've ever tried on so many pairs in my life. And the problem with every pair: not long enough or too expensive. The ones that I found were long enough were $70. And I was NOT willing to pay that much for jeans. $30 is my max. Needless to say, I didn't find any. Then, I was wandering in American Eagle the next day, still on a mission, and saw a lineup of jeans that looked like they were longer than their normal I walked over to the rack....and found they were on sale for $30....and they fit and were long enough! I was very happy :) So, I stuck to my mission and now I have a well-needed, new pair of jeans! To top it off, I went to the check out and expressed my joy only to find out after what.....10 years of shopping there....that they have extra long jeans you can order online! I was like HOW THE CRAP did I never know this?!?!? I think they lady thought I was whack cause I was so flabbergasted. That's my Tuesday jeans story.
Other than that not much is new and exciting is in our world, yet it seems like things have been busy. I've been running lots of errands and Brad is in the midst of searching for a new job, so things seem a little more hectic than normal. My new job is going well, I was told today that I was "very efficient" and "fast." I had almost forgot how nice it was to be told you do a good job! It's not like Starbucks where everyone tells each other that they're rock stars. And it's not like Starbucks where I dance and sing all day, on top of my normal duties. Although, the dancing and singing kinda became a request by most ;) But it's a job and it's nice not to be so wrapped up in having to work 40 hrs a week. Truly.
You can continue to pray for me though. I really want to keep up doing my devotions and relying on God for everything. But I've been slacking these past couple weeks in being consistent, which I hate.
Anyways, I should PROBABLY start supper now. Thanks for listening. Maybe Brad and I will take some fun pictures tonight. I'll post them up soon, if it happens. Have a great night!


Charity and Tony said...

Glad you were able to FINALLY find some jeans that fit!
Where are you working these days? It's been so long since I've seen you.

Corrie said...

you didn't know that? lol.

Oh, where to start.... said...

I hate shopping for jeans. I accidentally bought a pair that I LOVED for $50 and felt so guilty and took them back now I can't find a jean that I like!! LOL!! I hate it. Love you girl :) I'm praying for you. Miss you like mad.

Braimee said...

Charity: I work at a coffee shop on Main street called Jitterz. Only part time, but it works!
Dee-I hate shopping for jeans too! With a passion! And I completely understand the $50 thing, the worst part about it is that, they are probably worth the money, the more expensive, the better quality and the longer they last! Ugh. Why can't we be boys who find jeans for $5?!?!